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Jenny Craig Review

Jenny Craig is an American diet plan institution founded by jenny and Sidney Craig in 1985. It operates all over the world in countries like New Zealand, United States, Canada, and Australia.

It is one of the largest weight management companies in the world with many hundreds of thousands of members. It offers people simple nutritional advice and promotes healthy eating and through this, shows methods and ways of weight control management with effective results.

Meetings in diet plans can be an excellent self-esteem booster. You can meet like-minded individuals and also compliment and congratulate each other. You can share stories and experiences, good and bad, and people will listen. The community aspect of diet plans seems quite a good way to encourage you to keep with your plan and succeed, especially after hearing success stories from individuals just like you. Diet plans generally run on a community basis because they know that this is one of the best ways to help you control your weight.

Jenny Craig Inc. is located in California and although neither Jenny nor Sid have any formal nutritional training background, they appoint health nutritionalists to act as consultants for clients on a one to one basis. Members are recruited though much advertising and then have options of pre packaged plans to choose from. After that, the company then sends specially made Jenny Craig food through home delivery. To start with, the members are given a pre-planned menu to stick to which involves the food from the company and a few bits and pieces from the store. After that, the clients are allowed to customize their menus using the same range of specially prepared Jenny Craig food. After the half way point, clients are allowed more flexibility to include foods hat are not Jenny Craig up to three or four times a week.

The ultimate goal of the Jenny Craig diet plan is to make clients reach a certain goal where they do not have to follow or depend on pre-packaged Jenny Craig food to be at their desired weight. It is upon the client to be educated enough to sensibly choose what he or she wants to eat without breaking the good habits that were instilled in them when they first started.

As of 2005, actress Kirstie Alley is the spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan. In early 2000, Monica Lewinsky somewhat controversially served as the plan's spokeswoman.

In May 2002, ACI Capital, a New York-based private investment firm, and MidOcean Partners, a New York and London-based private investment firm, acquired Jenny Craig, Inc. On June 19, 2006, they announced the signing of a definitive agreement to sell the company to Nestlé in a transaction valued at approximately $600 million.

It is important when thinking about undertaking any kind of diet plan, to consult your doctor or physician first. He or she can advise you if the plan you are thinking about taking is the right one for you. Some work well for some people and some do not work well at all. It is also important to take into account any medication you are currently taking, as some plans are not recommended when taking certain prescription drugs. Finally, it is crucial to stick to a plan once you start it. It requires regular commitment and determination. Many people fall into the trap of mixing plans and seeing which ones work and which ones don't without giving it enough time to see any results. You can find out more information about this plan or any other diet plan from your doctor or physician. There is also a wealth of information available on the Internet.


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