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Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM as it is more commonly known is a wide array of traditional practices used in china that has developed over many thousands of years. Such practices such as herbal medicine, acupuncture and herbal massage are used widely.

Although conventional medicine is widely used in the west, there is still use of eastern techniques of TCM and rather than replacing it, works in conjunction with these forms of medicine to see how they can complement each other.

In the west we often categorize TCM as an alternative type of medicine but in China and other eastern countries, it is a way of life and is an integral part of their medical system. TCM is often described as a deeply rooted and somewhat religious type of treatment that is ancient and sacred to the Chinese people. It has been passed down from generation to generation and it is only now that westerners are starting to hear about and use Chinese forms of medicine for illnesses and conditions. Many other types of medication in China have become extinct but TCM has stuck around until the present day and is an important part of the healthcare system there. Some people have found it strange that Chinese medicine has been apart from western medicine for so many years and only now people are realizing the differences between the two medicinal cultures. Some countries practice both approaches simultaneously thus eliminating the barrier between the two.

TCM has a holistic view on medicine and would have a goal of balancing the imbalanced, not specifically the injury or illness. It is said in China that TCM treats humans whereas western medicine treats diseases. Due to the holistic approach, many practitioners are general practitioners with not one specific approach. It should also be noted that modern practitioners in China often incorporate western medicines into their treatments creating a combination of treatments and thus providing a complete care system. It is not easy to become a practitioner of Chinese medicine and takes many years of learning and practice of the different types of treatments there are and to properly understand the healing processes and the consequences of the medication. Traditionally, branches of Chinese medicine may be a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, moxibustin, Chinese astrology and Chinese food therapy. These combined with modern day western approaches are being practiced more and more all around the world.

Many scientific experiments have been done on acupuncture and its benefits to humans in the healing process. Not much though has been investigated in the other branches of Chinese medicine such as food therapy and herbal medicine. Chinese authorities are working towards standardization amongst their medicines to make sure that it incorporates safe and legal practices.

Nowadays, people are looking towards the east to discover alternative forms of medicine and doctors from the west are working in conjunction with Chinese doctors to help create a bond between the two approaches. There is a lot that we can learn from eastern medicines and vice versa. Many Chinese do not see western medicines as a threat to the society but more of a compliment. Very few will argue otherwise. These are the people that tend to be 100% naturalists and do not want artificial and harmful influences from the west incorporated into the medical system.

Whatever the situation, the reality is that people are looking for alternative forms of medicine to treat illnesses and conditions that they have found conventional medicine, alone, cannot help and therefore it is necessary for these two cultures to work together to achieve a common goal.


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