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Oriental Bodywork

Without a proper understanding or any context, the term bodywork can refer to many different things. In terms of treatment to the body, it is a type of therapeutic treatment that lays itself to healing different conditions and illnesses through movement of the body, which in turn moves the mind and soul. Some examples include massage, movement awareness and several energy healing treatments. Generally bodywork refers to some type of treatment that involves touch. This can be in the form of massage, acupressure, deep tissue manipulation and several other types of therapy. Some aim to aid healing by aiding the physicality of the body targeting special zones and areas that need attention. Some other types of treatment aim to heal the body through energy fields and helping assess damage through one's aura or energy field. Bodywork is concerned with deep relaxation, reducing pain and improving general circulation.

Bodywork is not a new concept and has been around for a long time. It was practiced in ancient times and was a way of promoting relaxation through movement, exercise, massage and body movement manipulation. These concepts exist today in bodywork even if the techniques we use nowadays are different. Some types of treatment incorporate reflexology, energy balancing, rolfing and use concepts of many different treatments to soothe muscles, reduce pain and help the mindset create a positive atmosphere.

Although there are many different techniques that one can practice, the general aim is the same. That is to improve patients through movement. Whether it is on a physical level or a psychological level depends on what kind of treatment it is.

Nowadays exist many different techniques, methods and processes of bodywork. The list is wide but some general ones include movement re-education, pressure point therapies, deep tissue manipulation, therapeutic massage and chiropractic medicine. Western methods also play a key role in bodywork. Swedish massage is one example of a popular therapy in the west. Human kinesiology as well as the emotional and mental well being is addressed making the connection with the physical and the psychological.

Energy methods concentrate on psychological approaches addressing a person's energy called an aura or chi in some parts of the world. In eastern bodywork, oriental methods include several different disciplines. Such different disciplines that started in the east and have now spread to the western world include treatments such as those that address structure, emotion, energy, psychology and physical body.

It is generally taken for granted that any kind of therapeutic touch can and is a healing method. Whether it is physically beneficial is a little controversial, especially when dealing with energy techniques. It is also clear that bodywork has been popular in the past and still remains popular today serving people from all walks of life in different aspects of their lives. It is important to know that the body is the source of all energy for humans, physically and mentally and it is important to keep this machine functioning so that we have long and healthy lives. An understanding of how our bodies work can come from a very scientific view and also from a very psychological view. The mix is the important thing, to be happy and healthy both physically and emotionally and bodywork can be beneficial in both senses.

It is advisable to talk to your doctor or physician before you have any bodywork done. He or she may be able to advise you on your best options. It is also important to go to a qualified and licensed physician who is governed by the proper body to practice a treatment.


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