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Flower Essences

British physician, Edward Bach, developed Bach's flower therapy in the 1930s. He believed that wildflowers had certain healing effects that could be effective for humans. His discoveries came about while he was walking through some flowers and noted how dewdrops on a plant would absorb some properties from the plant, heated by the sun. These properties could then be extracted to make essences for people to use.

Certain wildflowers, claimed by Bach, would have an affiliation to the human soul in terms of their energy. This energy would then be transferred into pure water, mixed with pure flower essence and brandy to make a homeopathic solution for human consumption. The water would have a sweet taste with a strong pungent flower influx, which would help with your inner soul and transfer its energy to your body helping you to recover from certain illnesses.

Some people agree with Bach and his theory and believe that illnesses are caused by an underlying conflict between the human soul and the personality. The 38 flowers used, balance certain emotions and pains. Some doctors do not agree with this method and there is no scientific background or knowledge to prove this theory and it is therefore considered an alternative form of treatment. For this reason, it has been gaining much popularity as alternative medicines become more acceptable in our societies.

The benefits of flowers have been known for a long time, even before Bach and his theory. We know that plants such as Tea Tree Oil is good for skin and Aloe Vera is good for soothing effects. Certain flower essences are good for calming and relaxing, and teas made from certain flowers can be drunk to help a healthy lifestyle such as green tea, chamomile, jasmine and arnica.

Others have followed in Bach's footsteps. For example in California, the Forget-Me-Not flower is known for increasing awareness of karma and its relationships and Mugwort is beneficial for awareness of dreams and subliminal control of ones ability to be psychic.

Each flower essence can be used alone or in conjunction with other remedies and each remedy is said to target specific areas. It is therefore common to mix six or seven essences together to meet individual needs. Flower essences are used for a variety of maladies including anxiety, stress and panic attacks. Flower essences tend to be similar to homeopathic solutions in the sense that they are completely natural and tend to treat the person as a whole rather than target a specific condition. Practitioners believe that flowers hold special energies that can be transferred into humans to treat certain conditions and aid the healing process. The different between flower essences and traditional homeopathy is that the flower remedies are made using potentization using the sun and boiling for harder plants. It also differs in the sense that flower remedies are used to treat mental conditions rather than physical ones. All remedies derive from non-toxic elements with the understanding that positive energy can push out the negative energy a human may carry. In this sense the treatments are rather spiritual and therefore an element of faith healing is involved.

It is very important to realize what flowers can be beneficial for you health and which flowers are not. Some plants and flowers can be poisonous and therefore, one should not simply just try different flower and plant essences without strict understanding and instruction prior to taking it. The effects can be damaging if no study is undertaken. Consult your doctor or physician for further information or look on the Internet where you can find out more.


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