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Palmtherapy is a type of treatment that helps relieve emotional suffering and pain with fast acting results. This type of energy uses the hand, brain and mind connection reaching areas of the brain through touch and non-touch stimulation. This is done through the study of lines on the palms of hands, which are in relation to the brain and mind activity, and personality of humans. Considering the history of alternative therapies, it is a relatively new type of treatment, starting in 1985 by Moshe Zwang. Palmtherapy claims to provide relief from anxiety, severe fears, grief, anger, phobias, and traumatic memories. It also claims to get rid of these problems through speeding up positive thoughts, talents, self-esteem, willpower, and mental clarity and behavior patterns.

Moshe Zwang is an inventor and alternative medicine professor. He made the world aware of his type of treatment though his television show and book. Due to the phenomenal success of his patients being cured and treated, his popularity went up and up until he became a national and international figure. He now teaches in centers all over the world sharing his methods and techniques. Many medical students take his class as well as many other healthcare professionals.

His fascination with the hand mind connection came about as a young boy and his determination to research this theory lead him to create this type of therapy after many, many years of research and study. He had traveled extensively while he was in the merchant marine. Visiting several sacred places around the world, his fascination grew as well as his understanding of hand healing energies. His hypothesis was that the hand is largely represented in an area of the brain and that some of the brain's activities can be related to the hand. The hand acts as a kind of connector between emotional feelings inside and the physical exterior. He claimed that certain lines on our palms indicate certain personality traits and emotions. It was therefore said that our lines on our hands are a reflection of some brain and mind activities.

Healing processes would include stimulation of the palm lines to get them to connect to the inner emotions that humans feel. If these could be stimulated in a relaxing way, the patient becomes at ease and the possibility of overcoming fears and other problems can become very true thus aiding the healing process. He found that many people had been treated in a very positive way with many positive results. Patients would overcome their phobias, fears, get relieved from anxiety and emotional pain and help with anger and grief.

Moshe Zwang has seminars all over the world sharing his information on palmtherapy and it is definitely gaining interest. This could be due to the fact that westerners are looking for alternative therapies traditionally found in the east to help with illnesses and conditions that conventional medicine has not been successful with. It may be that people are looking for natural approaches nowadays or simply because they have exhausted all their other options.

Although this type of healing is getting more and more popular nowadays, it is still considered an alternative type of treatment due to the lack of scientific evidence available to suggest that this type of treatment is beneficial for humans. It should not be seen as a replacement for conventional methods and it is always advised to speak to your local doctor or physician before undertaking any kind of treatment. He or she can give you advice and provide further information. More information on this subject can also be found on Internet websites.


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