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Energy Healing

Energy healing is said to be one of the oldest forms of alternative treatment in the world. Energy healing includes treatments such as therapeutic touch, electromagnetic approaches and reiki. An energy healing approach consists of the therapist assess what kinds of energy within the patient need healing and concentrates on those parts to create a healing process thus balancing the imbalanced.

The electromagnetic field that a human creates around himself or herself is known as an aura. A specialist therapist can detect this aura and work with it helping it with different energies. It is said that an imbalance in the field of the aura can result in disease therefore restoration of the aura signifies a restoration in physical health

Anyone can benefit from energy healing. Because everyone has a unique aura and can therefore undertake such treatments. It is not necessary to go for therapy only for curing a disease or illness. One can have a therapy session when they are well and use it for prevention purposes.

During a session, the therapist will assess the energy field of a patient and identify all the imbalances. The therapist will then let the patient know of these imbalances and discuss them with him or her. The therapist will then make the patient lie down and start the energy healing.

Although energy healing comes under different names nowadays, its principles lie in faith healing. Due to the term "faith" it is little surprise that energy healing has had very little recognition in the scientific world. Critics argue that it is not possible to determine whether an disease exists or not and the relative preventions, cures, or medicines that have exist due to an imbalance of an "energy fieldâ".

Energy healing is not a new art. It has been studied and practiced in many different cultures for thousands of years. In Japan, they practice Reiki. It consists of the therapist moving their hands in a way over the patient's body until the patient can feel energy.

Tests have been conducted whereby for example, a small girl tested 21 different therapists by putting her hands near the therapists and seeing if they could detect her energy. None of them could detect it and none of them knew it was a small girl's hands.

Strangely enough, it is not that common to have dissatisfied clients when it comes to energy healing. In fact it is becoming more and more popular with us westerners. It could be due to the fact that more and more people are looking towards eastern, natural concepts of healing because they want a more natural approach, or simply they are looking for an alternative because they have exhausted all their conventional options.

Life energy is a shaky concept when it comes to these healing processes, as it needs life to create a life force in order for it to be true. It is true that sensory awareness, thought, feelings, even personality can play a vital role in our recovery process but it is a little much to say that these things determine whether we get ill or not. The body is affected by biochemistry and other chemicals both native and foreign to the human body. It is from these foreign chemicals that we may get sick or because our immune system is down, which affects our recovery. No doubt science plays a vital role when it comes to prevention and cure, so why do so many people doubt this. It is clear that this type of healing is getting alot of advertising in recent days, but maybe a little more research is needed first to prove the benefits of such a treatment.


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