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Polarity Therapy

ParsleyMediterranean, Middle Eastern, European and American cooking. Its leaves are used in a very similar fashion to coriander (coriander is also known as Chinese parsley or cilantroPolarity Therapy is a type of alternative treatment founded in the late 1800s by Randolph Stone, an American doctor. It is a mix of eastern philosophies and western methods centered on the concept of human energy. Stone developed his methods over many years through research, practice and traveling around the world. The principle concept of polarity therapy revolves around the idea of balance in our minds and bodies. This is done using exercise, nutrition, verbal interaction, touch and other methods. The balance creates a subtle flow of natural energy that helps improve health and fitness on many different levels. Stone also published many different types of literature documenting his findings of polarity and its practices.

Polarity therapy states that energy is the one thing we must concentrate on building before any part of us can be healed. It is a similar type of energy that can be compared to protons, neutrons and electrons in an atomic field whereby the connection between them is key for the atom to function. If the energy is correct and whole then the form will follow. When there is any type of blockage in this energy field, it can lead to illness and disease. Stone referred to the energy field that surrounds us the "breath of life." It is so crucial that it is our life force be it on a spiritual level or religious level or simply an understanding of energies. Many religious and alternative therapies take into account energy fields and work on helping heal the body through the mind in terms of such practices like yoga, ayurveda, Taoism and other such treatments.

The physical body, mind and soul are seen as the different layers in humans. The subtle layers are hidden in the physical body. When there is pain and suffering, the body sends a signal to its inner layers, which then connect the mind and thus healing the soul. The soul then connects back to the mind and helps the physical body heal through the layers.

In many types of healing energies, there is a certain type of duality that is present in most therapies. This duality can exist in the form yin and yang, black and white, push and pull and so on. Amongst the dualities are subtle, third energies that act as the balance between the two extremes to help harmonize the forces. This harmony should always be aimed for, to help create balance in our unique minds, bodies and souls.

Chakras, associated with yoga, are five points or five energies that yoga considers. These are earth, water, fire, air, and ether. All these energies are responsible for different parts and processes of the body and the balance must be kept healthy between them always.

Polarity therapy has a certain spiritual side to it and elements of religious beliefs. There seems to be a general understanding that there is an element of re-incarnation nestled in its beliefs. Stone would say that polarity therapy is also realizing that there is fulfillment in consciousness and it is this that we are aiming for. It is not necessary to be religious or spiritual for anyone to understand the concepts of polarity theory. It is simply ones take on it. Many types of alternative treatments are popular nowadays as people are looking for more natural ways to help heal illnesses and diseases and for general well being. This could be because they do not believe in such artificial chemicals normally associated with conventional medicine. Or simply they have exhausted all their other options and are looking elsewhere for a helping hand.

although parsley does not have a strong taste like coriander.

The two types of coriander used are curly leaf and Italian or also known as flat leaf coriander. Curly leaf parsley is used more for decoration, particularly to formal dishes rather than for its taste whereas flat leaf is used more for flavor. The flat leafed version tends to have a stronger taste because of its chemical make up. It has more essential oil contained. Some people prefer to use curly leaf parsley because they like that particular flavor as it compliments certain dishes.

Many dishes in Europe and west Asia incorporate the use of parsley as a garnish, which is chopped up and put on top of the dish. It is a favorite with fish dishes. Tabbouleh, which is the national dish of Lebanon, has to be served with parsley and in Southern Europe, it is used to flavor, salads, soups, stocks and different sauces. It is also used sometimes as a breath freshener due to it being highly concentrated with chlorophyll. It has been said to help and aid the immune system.

Parsley should be grown in a deep pot as this reflects the ideal condition to grow it in because it has a long taproot. To be grown indoors, it requires at the very least, five hours of sunlight. Parsley tea is also drunken by people used as a diuretic by enhancing the sodium and water excretion and also encourages potassium reabsorption. Some herbologists claim that it helps high blood pressure when taken in a tea form and Cherokee Natives use it as a tonic to help make the bladder strong. If one gets a mosquito bite, it can reduce the itching if one crushes it and rubs it on the skin.

It is known as one of the world's most popular herbs. Although it is primarily known to be a garnish, it is highly nutritious and for this matter is being used more and more for consumption rather than just for decorating purposes. It is also a source of folic acid giving health benefits too.

During the history parsley was used more medicinally than for food flavor. The Ancient Greeks used it for sacred purposes and used it to adorn public sporting figures and also decorating the tombs of the dead. Although it is unclear when people started to use it as a garnish, it was probably during the Middle Ages in Europe.


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