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The Buteyko Method is a type of breathing method created by Russian doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. It is a series of holistic approaches to do with breathing and its techniques.

It is an alternative and safe method known for helping to treat asthma. Some scientific experiments show that buteyko has helped patients reduce their levels of asthma and has promoted better breathing techniques. Buteyko promotes positive breathing to combat diseases such as asthma through natural and complementary techniques to do with breathing and its processes.

Buteyko believes that respiratory diseases are the result of breathing in polluted and excessive amounts of air into the body. He claimed that the lungs of some asthma patients would be lacking in sufficient carbon dioxide. This type of treatment would try and teach techniques that would reduce the excessive amounts of oxygen being breathed in and would educated patients as to how to take short pauses between breaths to help regulate the oxygen and carbon dioxide balance. He also emphasized breathing through the nose rather than the mouth. He claimed that asthma occurred in the first instance when there are quick successions of short breaths. This would mean the patient would be ok should he or she simply breathed less often but for longer lengths of time. Buteyko claimed that at the end of his treatment, there would be a significant decrease in the amount of serious asthma cases amongst people.

Tests have been done whereby there would be two groups of people with one half being told to breath using the buteyko technique and one is a conventional way. Results showed that there was no significant improvement with the subjects that were breathing under buteyko techniques than the placebo way of breathing. The test was not regulated in the correct manner and leaves much room for doubt as the authenticity of such a theory. Just because it has worked for some does not mean to say it will always work or even that it will work for everyone.

Critics believe that it makes no difference, if breathing using buteyko techniques, if the levels of carbon dioxide in the lungs of asthma suffer. Some doctors say that the low level of carbon dioxide within the body is the correct level needed for blood circulation. Any disturbances to this process could disrupt normal bodily functions and systems, especially the immune system. Further more, it is difficult to tell what kind of psychological influence the patients are prone to whilst observing such a treatment. The courses to take up such a study tend to be quite expensive and there seems to be very little or no scientific knowledge or evidence to back up such a theory. For this reason it is known as one of the alternative approaches to healing.

Although this is the case, alternative therapies are becoming more and more popular, especially in the western world and therefore buteyko is getting more and more recognized as an alternative approach to dealing with asthma. It could be that people are looking for a more natural way of dealing with illnesses or it could be that they have exhausted all conventional treatments and medicines. It should not be seen as a replacement to conventional medicine and in case of attacks, an inhaler must be carried and used at all times. Before undertaking any kind of alternative treatment, it is advised that you go and see your local doctor or physician for a consultation. They can advise you on any recommendations. The Internet is also a good source for finding out further information on the subject.


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