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Breathwork is a type of alternative treatment that concentrates on how ones breathing patterns can connect different parts one ones mind, body and soul together promoting a sense of well being and healing.

It has been known in many ancient civilizations through the years that breath and breathing control are vital for our health and one can control and direct breathing into a pattern whereby your physiological, psychological, spiritual and emotional states are be regulated.

Breath for any living thing is observed from the very second we are born to the very last second of or lives. It stays with us for our entire lives and controls every aspect of a human body. Without breath, our hearts stop and therefore, we do. Breathwork is aimed at looking into the dynamics of breathing and tries to raise awareness into how one can improve ones breathing techniques.

Breathing is the language of the soul. We all breathe in different ways. Most of us are lazy with our breaths and don't use up the full lung capacity that was given to us. Breathing habits depend on different situations, sometimes it is just a small shift and sometimes it can be much more of a change. For example a person does not breathe the same way if he were calm as opposed to if he were angry or scared. All different states of the mind correlate to a different breathing pattern and as you transgress from one state to the other, your breathing patterns change. Muscular coordination and physical tension also contribute to the change in breathing patterns. Generally if one has good posture when sitting or standing, then this promotes good and full breathing.

Energy and chemistry play vital roles in our breathing and this energy that is emitted is vital to our life force. Shock and pain is absorbed through our breath as well as wherever on our body the pain originates from. Being aware of our breath and how it works is what breathwork teaches and can bring to light what we maybe unconsciously think about. Yawning and sighing can be positive attributes to breathing although one does not think about any of these things as positive effects of breathing. Sometimes deliberately trying to yawn will help your positive breathing techniques.

Below are some pointers to do when breathing which will benefit you in having a long and healthy life:

Try initiating a breath with an exhale first. Just simply by changing the order of breath we can achieve positive breathing. When most people think of breathing, they think in terms of an inhale followed by an exhale.

Explore the different breathing spaces in your body. There are three main ones. The lower, the middle and the upper. Try filling each section full of breath like filling up a glass.

Slow down your breathing and breath long and slow. These kinds of breaths promote good healthy breathing and reduce stress and help focus.

Combine breathing with thinking and you will have a clearer view of things in your path.

Combine breathing with movement and try and regulate your breathing accordingly exhaling as you exert your self and inhaling as you come back to a relaxing state.

Together with these steps and a healthy lifestyle, you can add years to your life and help your body maintain a healthy and full state. The techniques mentioned can be used by everyone and can help in all sorts of situations, simply by breathing right. It is a perfectly natural way to achieve positivism in ones breathing which in turn signifies a positive life.


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