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Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a type of therapy that has had a lot of controversy throughout the years from several doctors and physicians. The doubt that this is a beneficial type of treatment run throughout the wide range of treatments available under ozone therapy. It basically involves the introduction of ozone into the body through some form or method. It is introduced through water absorption; transdermal application, injection and insufflation, which involves inserting carefully, measured amounts of gas into the body with great care.

Ozone as a chemical can have many positive effects on the body including speeding up enzymes to battle diseases and can be beneficial to the oxygen reproduction in the blood stream. Nowadays, ozone therapy seems to be a popular choice of alternative therapy practiced by many physicians around the world with a growing number of patients wanting to be treated by ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy for medical reasons is used in many different countries legally being performed in 16 countries and many states in the USA. These states have passed a legislation to ensure that alternative therapies can be used along side mainstream medicine therefore it is legally ok to practice the use of ozone therapy. Some bad press in the form of one death has been connected to the use of ozone through insufflation in the United States. Although this is bad news, it is still a popular form of treatment among many people in the western world.

Some studies have shown that some dangerous side effects exist to inhaling ozone. It has been said that between ten to twenty percent of all summertime respiratory diseases in the northeastern United States are connected with ground level ozone pollution. Furthermore there are bodies that suggest that exposure to ozone means exposure to O3, which is very dangerous and toxic to humans.

Although it has not be proven, it has been said that non-toxic forms of O3 can be effective in fighting bacteria and viruses, which is an area for more scientific research.

Ozone therapy combines the method of oxygenisation with oxidation. This means that any extra oxygen breaks away from the main atom and leaves O2, which is the chemical, what we breathe in the air around us. This would in theory, create an excess of oxygen in the blood stream to be left to combat bad bacteria and viruses that can lead to illnesses and diseases and help regulate body temperature. This would in turn help the metabolic process thereby speeding up enzymes.

Orthodox and conventional medicine has condemned practices of ozone therapy for a long time even though ozone therapy has been around for about forty years. It is a type of therapy with very little if no scientific evidence to suggest that it may be beneficial for humans in adding the healing process. Toxic harm can almost be eliminated with today's advanced methods and tools used in ozone therapy such as regulations and so forth. Although side effects happen, they can also happen in the most conventional of medicines and they are far more dangerous in traditional medicine than in this type of alternative therapy.

Due to the rise of people being treated by alternative therapies in recent years, ozone therapy has definitely seen an increase in the number of people wanted to get ozone treatment to help them with the healing process of an illness or condition. The public are more and more interested in alternative medication, especially in the western world where conventional medicine has been so widely spread for many, many years. It is advisable though to consult your doctor or physician before undertaking any kind of treatment.


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