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Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 or H and is a type of water-soluble type of B-complex vitamin. It is an important vitamin because it helps with the synthesis of important metabolic reactions in the body. It speeds up the process of turning fatty acids to gluconeogenesis and to help metabolize leucine. It is important in general cell growth as well. Natural sources of the biotin vitamin include liver and kidney, egg yolk, chicken breast, cauliflower, yeast, oysters, lobsters, salmon and some specific dairy products.

Deficiency of biotin can have several bad side effects and may lead to one or more conditions or illnesses. Some symptoms can include dry scaly skin, high cholesterol, inflammation of the tongue, mental depression, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite and fatigue or constant tiredness. It is hard to become deficient in biotin simply because the body produces more than the RDA for humans in association with the intestinal bacteria.

It has been recommended to use biotin for hair loss in adults and children. It has not been formally and scientifically proven, but some studies show that it has been effective in a few cases. That is to say that those with hair loss do not necessarily have a biotin deficiency either. With children a condition known as cradle cap where eczema may form in areas other than the scalp, has been linked to a biotin deficiency too. Some more studies have shown that people with type-2 diabetes tend to have a low biotin level too. It is speculated that biotin is used in synthesizing and releasing insulin into the blood. It is claimed that biotin may be effective in helping control blood-sugar levels in both humans and animals.

Although it is not very common to see biotin as such in a supplementary form, it can be seen as part of other supplements that are available for people to buy. Nowadays it is very common to see biotin in other manufactured products such as supplements. Apart from obvious capsules that are there for supplementary purposes, there exist many other products such as biotin-enriched foods that are fortified. These are helpful because natural sources of biotin are crucial, but cooking it in any fashion destroys the goodness of it. It is therefore important that enriched foods exist so humans can still acquire their RDA of biotin even though the body has the capability of producing more than required on daily basis.

Used for medicinal and health benefits, it shows how much it has become part of our lives. It is recommended to take a certain amount of vitamins and minerals everyday to help our immune system stay working at 100%. It is also advised not to overdose on certain vitamins and minerals as they may cause serious side effects and affect certain bodily processes. It is certain that more research is needed into the subject of biotin and its effects both positive and negative on humans. The links with hair loss and diabetes have been claimed to be true but nothing has been scientifically proven yet.

If you are unsure about taking supplements, contact your doctor or pharmacist. He or she can advise you on the best plan of action and give you more information about specific vitamins and minerals. It is advised to seek consultation especially if you are pregnant or currently taking any medication as this can affect the intake of supplements. Go to a registered pharmacy and make sure you read all the instructions on dosage and follow them strictly. More information can be found on the Internet too.


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