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Pritikin Diet

The Pritkin diet was invented by Nathan Pritikin and continued and advanced by Robert Pritikin, his son. This unlike many diets consists of a low fat but high carbohydrate consumption that is basically the opposite of the Atkins diet. Pritkin believes that the source of all fat that accumulates in the body is due to fat that one eats. An elimination of this fat then equals an elimination of fat on the body. The body needs to feel full to be able to feel satisfied and he believes that this feeling of fullness can come fro high carbohydrate foods, which is why it is necessary as part of a diet.

Pritikin believes that we live in a world nowadays where convenience food is everything and it is this type of food that has the highest fat content. They contain saturated, bad fats that cannot be digested by the body to burn away and simply just accumulate in the body creating obesity and may lead to other fat related diseases. The main aim of this diet is to promote whole, healthy foods such as high fiber, unprocessed carbohydrates and low fat protein foods. He also encourages regular exercise to help burn away or keep away the fat. The intended outcome of the diet is to make people more health conscious and have a healthy outlook to the foods that they eat.

To feel full, Pritikin suggests that the body needs to eat a certain bulk of food. Whether that is fat or carbohydrates, it does not know. It is only when it starts to settle and digest that the body creates sections of where to store it. The fat would be the unhealthier portion of the bulk. He therefore says that one needs to follow a low-density, high bulk diet that fools the body into thinking it is full, without gaining weight. This would include foods such as fruit, vegetables, meat without any fat, fish, fiber, and general whole foods. Fiber is encouraged too, which has been proven to reduce the risk of colon cancer. What is discouraged is processed, high fat and foods that have many additives in it.

Although the concept is simple, many people found the plan to be poplar in the 1970s but less so nowadays because of the low carb craze that we are experiencing, especially in the western world. The values are still the same as they were in the 70s but with much less of a following.

It is important when thinking about undertaking any kind of diet plan, to consult your doctor or physician first. He or she can advise you if the plan you are thinking about taking is the right one for you. Some work well for some people and some do not work well at all. It is also important to take into account any medication you are currently taking, as some plans are not recommended when taking certain prescription drugs. Finally, it is crucial to stick to a plan once you start it. It requires regular commitment and determination. Many people fall into the trap of mixing plans and seeing which ones work and which ones don't without giving it enough time to see any results. You can find out more information about this plan or any other diet plan from your doctor or physician. There is also a wealth of information available on the Internet. Many diet plans have websites where you can find out such information like exact diet plans, free promotional offers, meet other members, check out your local center if it is a meetings based plan, and much, much more.


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