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South Beach Diet

The south beach diet concentrates on good fats and good carbs. After years research, this diet plan was perfected so that it could be easily available and easy to follow for those that wanted to join it. Dr. Agatston states that bad carbohydrates are the ones that need to be avoided and therefore eliminates these from the plan. The bad fats are not good for the body and saturated fats and trans fats can lead to cardiovascular diseases. This is the reason for the emphasis of good fats and good carbohydrates.

In this diet, it is concerned with three phases and all phases have a limit on the amount of bad fats you can eat. Phase one consists of the body trying to lose its insulin resistance which Dr. Agatston says is the key to losing the first few pounds in phase one. Things like whole grain foods and fruits are cut out.

In phase two, whole grain foods and fruits are gradually returned by at a much smaller quantity than before thus maintaining the low fat level achieved in the first phase. Phase three is all about maintenance. Once the client has reached his or her ideal weight, it is up to them to keep it like that. This means emphasizing healthy foods and encouraging nutrition and exercise.

The diet makes a difference between good fats and bad fats. Similarly between good carbs and bad carbs. Although this type of plan does not take into account meetings and membership as such, it still can be a good way to follow a strict regime. Community activities such as meetings are good because they, in diet plans can be an excellent self-esteem booster. You can meet like-minded individuals and also compliment and congratulate each other. You can share stories and experiences, good and bad, and people will listen. The community aspect of diet plans seems quite a good way to encourage you to keep with your plan and succeed, especially after hearing success stories from individuals just like you. Diet plans generally run on a community basis because they know that this is one of the best ways to help you control your weight.

It may be a little difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad fats and carbs, but the diet is very specific and tells you what kinds of foods are permitted and what is not.

This diet plan not only takes into account what is good for you now and how to take off the pounds, but also is also concerned with how one can keep the weight off. It is more of a lifetime plan that helps you and guides you through the rights and wrongs and aids you with good nutrition and exercise advise.

It is important when thinking about undertaking any kind of diet plan, to consult your doctor or physician first. He or she can advise you if the plan you are thinking about taking is the right one for you. Some work well for some people and some do not work well at all. It is also important to take into account any medication you are currently taking, as some plans are not recommended when taking certain prescription drugs. Finally, it is crucial to stick to a plan once you start it. It requires regular commitment and determination. Many people fall into the trap of mixing plans and seeing which ones work and which ones don't without giving it enough time to see any results. You can find out more information about this plan or any other diet plan from your doctor or physician. There is also a wealth of information available on the Internet. Many diet plans have websites where you can find out such information like exact diet plans, free promotional offers, meet other members, check out your local center if it is a meetings based plan, and much much more.


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