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Stillman Diet

Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman was a man who shamelessly stated that being overweight just simply comes out of being lazy and that anorexia is simply a state of mind. To a certain extend, people have agreed with him and as the inventor of one of the first low carbohydrate diets, he is trying to make his point. He started talking about low carbs being an important part of a diet in the 60s and had a booked named ˜The Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet published, which was very popular at the time. Now many years later, doctors and physicians are not only agreeing with his methods, but also advancing on them to create their own diets based on his findings.

The Stillman diet is similar to the Atkins diet in the way that it disallows all carbohydrates stating that they are the major fat producing elements to the body. It is different in the sense that it also does not allow any fats. The Atkins diet allows things such as sauces, fats and oils whereas the Stillman diet is stricter. Due to the amount of protein that is ingested in this diet, it can produce bad effects on the kidneys and he therefore recommends drinking a lot of water, tea, coffee and non-fat drinks such as natural juices.

The pros of this diet have been that people tend to lose weight fairly rapidly since the regime is so strict. This obviously is a reflection of some people and what may be quick for someone may not be so quick for someone else. The cons of this diet are that there is no maintenance stage of the plan, which means it, is very easy and likely to go back to old eating habits once the target weight has been reached. The good side of this is that once the target weight is achieved, he recommends clients to go on a more regulated and on going plan such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers that help people maintain their new weight and incorporate healthy habits to keep them from going back to bad habits.

This diet is definitely for those who wish to lose weight fat. It may not be the healthiest diet plan available but it does not restrict you from complimenting this plan with others to ensure you stay fit and healthy. This prevents one from becoming unhealthy again and gets the body used to a new way of life.

It is important when thinking about undertaking any kind of diet plan, to consult your doctor or physician first. He or she can advise you if the plan you are thinking about taking is the right one for you. Some work well for some people and some do not work well at all. It is also important to take into account any medication you are currently taking, as some plans are not recommended when taking certain prescription drugs. Finally, it is crucial to stick to a plan once you start it. It requires regular commitment and determination. Many people fall into the trap of mixing plans and seeing which ones work and which ones don't without giving it enough time to see any results. You can find out more information about this plan or any other diet plan from your doctor or physician. There is also a wealth of information available on the Internet. Many diet plans have websites where you can find out such information like exact diet plans, free promotional offers, meet other members, check out your local center if it is a meetings based plan, and much, much more.


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