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Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin. There are seven significances of this vitamin that occur. They are crucial to amino acid metabolism in the body. It was during the 1930s that this vitamin was discovered through tests on rats. There was only once instance of this vitamin that people knew of but then many different forms were found out as science advanced. They also help essential enzymes in the body function properly.

Enzymes needy on PLP catalyze a wide assortment of chemical reactions mainly involving amino acids. The reactions carried out by the PLP-dependent enzymes that act on amino acids include transfer of the amino group, decarboxylation, racemization, and beta- or gamma-elimination or replacement. Vitamin B6 is common in both animal and vegetable foodstuff sources. Bananas, vegetables, yeast, wheat germ, field salad, green beans, fish, chicken, liver and nuts are predominantly fine food sources.

Supporters of a debated medical circumstance known as Pyroluria think it may be one potential cause of vitamin B6 deficiency. Another cause of vitamin B6 deficiency is the use of the tuberculostatic medication isoniazid, and so, it is recommended to supplement with vitamin B6 when using this treatment.

In women, another potential reason for vitamin B6 deficiency is use of oral contraceptives and other medications containing estro-progestational hormones (such as those prescribed as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy). Other contraceptive medications that can cause vitamin B6 deficiency take account of: the patch (Ortho Evra), vaginal ring (Nuvaring), hormonal IUD (Mirena) and shot (Depo Provera). Signs of a Vitamin B6 deficit include weight loss or gain, water retention, insomnia, anxiety, loss of libido and depression. Physicians are now starting to recommend routine vitamin B6 administration during hormonal contraception or medication.

Because unfavorable effects have only been recognized from vitamin B6 supplements and never from food sources, only the supplemental form of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is shown with respect to safety. Although vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin and is excreted in the urine, very high doses of pyridoxine over long periods of time may result in painful neurological symptoms known as sensory neuropathy.

Nowadays it is very common to see vitamin B6 in other manufactured products. Apart from obvious capsules that are there for supplementary purposes, there exist many other products such as vitamin B6 cereals and other foods. These are helpful because natural sources of vitamin B6 are crucial, but cooking it in any fashion destroys the goodness of it. It is therefore important that enriched foods exist so humans can still acquire their RDA of vitamin B6.

Because this vitamin is cheap to harvest and is grown and cultivated all around the world, it is easy to see why it has become so popular. Used for medicinal, health and flavorful benefits, it shows how much it has become part of our lives. It is recommended to take a certain amount of vitamins and minerals everyday to help our immune system stay working at 100%. It is also advised not to overdose on certain vitamins and minerals as they may cause serious side effects and affect certain bodily processes.

If you are unsure about taking supplements, contact your doctor or pharmacist. He or she can advise you on the best plan of action and give you more information about specific vitamins and minerals. It is advised to seek consultation especially if you are pregnant or currently taking any medication as this can affect the intake of supplements. Go to a registered pharmacy and make sure you read all the instructions on dosage and follow them strictly. More information can be found on the Internet too.


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