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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a company founded in the 60s to help people with weight management issues and promote healthy eating programs. It started out as just a discussion group and forum and now is a fully-fledged weight loss program that operates in 30 countries around the world. In some areas, franchise organizations rather than Weight Watchers themselves operate Weight Watchers. It caters towards an audience of a specific amount of weight that is over the recommended amount so it protects those individuals who think that they are overweight but technically are not. Weight Watchers offers clients The Core Program and The Flex program.

Various different foods work on a point basis where points are calculated on a servings basis and different types of exercise are given negative numbers and a target point system is given to individuals every week based on his or her goals and current actual weight. Exercising is optional but the client must remember that he or she is more likely to achieve their target weight if done so. It also gives flexibility as to what they eat. If no exercise is chosen, one has to be a little stricter on the choices and servings of food.

The Flex system is greatly enjoyed and favored by most individuals as it allows one to eat anything he or she desires but in strict moderation. It is advertised in some countries as no food being a sin. Some people prefer not to calculate the amount of food though as this can get a little confusing and would rather limit themselves on the types of food the can eat rather than the amount.

The Core plan was devised out of great interest of other plans that were born in recent years such as the Atkins diet or the South Beach diet where new ideas about eating were advertised to the public. This plan is all about restricting yourself to only core foods and eating until you are satisfied and not full thereby helping your mindset into thinking it is satisfied. Core foods are all the foods from the health group such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat. Non-core foods are given the regular number of points.

The Flex plan consists of giving clients a number of points they are allowed to eat a day in relation to their current body weight. If exercise is included in the plan, the number of points can be increased allowing more flexibility.

The Turnaround program focuses not only on healthy eating, but healthy living and gives eight basic guidelines to follow for life to ensure that target weight is kept. There is also a discussion forum and active member support throughout the course and after. This program encourages permanent weight loss and good eating habits for life.

The Weight Watcher program offers many promotions and discounts to new and existing members all year round. The price usually consists of registration and an ongoing membership. The prices seem reasonable and it seems to be one of the most affordable plans in the United States for weight loss management.

It is advisable before signing up to any kind of weight loss program to consult your doctor or physician for advice and help. They can give you information and maybe recommend some program for you if needed. It is also recommended to research as much as you can about a certain program before undertaking any kind of treatment. Remember that the plans do not work for everyone and they require a lot of time, dedication and patience to achieve maximum results. You can also find information on the Internet.


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